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Benefits for Providers

Your Partner in the Healthcare Maze

With facility memberships lasting over 15 years, USPASS has a proven track record that it understands the demands of contracting, credentialing, case management, claims issues, etc.


USPASS ensures member facilities need not worry about the headache of the negotiation process. Because of the strong relationships formed with the Managed Care Organizations, including Managed Medicaid, Medicare HMOs, and commercial payors, USPASS frequently advocates for its network members.


USPASS ensures a smooth, quick, efficient, and professional credentialing process to its member facilities, so the network continues to meet the quality care standards expected and required by payors.

Claims Assistance

USPASS, through its strong relationships with payors, can assist with claims by troubleshooting and pinpointing the issues at hand and finding a resolution to ensure payments and a positive outcome.

Case Management

Whether you are experiencing issues with level of care, disenrollments, etc., USPASS can get you in the right direction by reaching out to the appropriate Managed Care staff.


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